Public procurements and tenders from all over the Nordic countries gathered in SuperOffice

Get easy and quick access to the valuable building information from FaktaNet Live directly in SuperOffice 

Our integration between FaktaNet Live and SuperOffice ensures that the project participants of interest are transfered automatically from SuperOffice to from FaktaNet Live.

With the powerful sales and marketing tools in SuperOffice, you get the synergetic combination of important information and the proper tools to process them.


The integration between FaktaNet Live and SuperOffice saves you time and effort - and gives you the right information the right time.

Invitations and tenders from the Nordic Region
FaktaNet Live is an online database that contains detailed information about tendering and Public procurements for construction projects throughout Scandinavia.

In addition, FaktaNet Live also includes the companies that are affiliated with the projects and often what roles they have.

FaktaNet Live is always up-to-date and is therefore a vital source of data for your salespeople for leads and potential projects.

Use FaktaNet Live as your source of new leads , which you can then work on in SuperOffice CRM.


Easy integration
With our FaktaNet Live integration, it's easy to transfer this important information to SuperOffice, thus gathering information in one place and optimizing workflows.

In FaktaNet Live, simply select the desired projects and in the menu item "My Export Folder" and select "Insert selected projects in my folder".

Now the integration begins automatically and you shortly thereafter have all the relevant information available in SuperOffice.

If you create a Dynamic Selection in SuperOffice, which collects all the Projects that come from FaktaNet Live, you have a quick and easy overview.

Key features

  • Real-time import and update of building projects from FaktaNet Live (Construction Facts Live) in SuperOffice CRM Online

  • The integration adds SuperOffice Projects, Companies, Contacts and Project Participants as well as the possibility of a wide range of custom fields on each Project.

  • Cloud based app - no Siteshop application needed to be installed locally

  • Duplicate handling, new data will be created in SuperOffice and existing will be updated using FaktaNet Live's own IDs

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Get off to a good start

It's easy to get started with FaktaNet Live for your SuperOffice. 

Contact Byggeinformation (+45 70 13 78 13) to get an agreement about Plus Services for FaktaNet Live. This is required for integration to work.

You can use the FaktaNet Live integration regardless of whether youre using SuperOffice CRM Online or SuperOffice On Premises 
(ver. 8+).
Simply go to the SuperOffice App Store -> find ByggFakta Live and click "Sign Up" and go through the registration process.
You will be contacted personally immediately after the app is ready for use.

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Construction projects from all over Scandinavia gathered in SuperOffice

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