Connect any of your cloud or on-premise based data sources to SuperOffice CRM Online

Unleash the power of having access to all your customer details from back-office systems, inside SuperOffice CRM Online!

Integration Cloud is a cloud based integration service that quickly and safely lets you connect any of your cloud or on-premise based data sources to SuperOffice CRM Online.

Offering real-time updates Integration Cloud will instantly create or update data in SuperOffice when changes are made and sent from your back-office system.

Integration Cloud supports all SuperOffice entities like Companies, Contact Persons, Activities, Sales, Projects, Project members, Interests, Products and of course all user defined fields and lists.

Super-charge the content of your SuperOffice CRM Online
Easy access to important customer details in SuperOffice benefits your entire organization.

Integration provides higher data quality in SuperOffice which leads to a better and more professional contact with your customers.

Customer details – like i.e. purchase history – that are usually found deep down in the ERP application is now available in SuperOffice, so you easily can create Selections based on them and initiate mailing campaigns, book meetings, phone calls etc.

Your SuperOffice users will save time every day, get a greater aspect of each customer and provide a much better sales and marketing effort.

SuperOffice CRM Online is simply the best place to keep your customer information!


Key features

  • Real-time import and update of data into SuperOffice CRM Online from your data sources
  • Cloud based – no Siteshop software needed to be installed locally
  • Formats supported: CSV, XML, JSON
  • Send data to either Siteshop sftp server or Siteshop web service
  • No data are stored after processing
  • Boost function for updating larger amounts of data
  • Duplicate handling
  • Supported SuperOffice objects include: Company, Contact person, Relation, Activity, Document, Sale, Project, Project member, Interest (company and contact person), Selection, Selection member, Product + Price list (for quote) and of course all user defined fields and lists
  • Automatic insertion of missing list items in SuperOffice lists.

Here are a few cases showing what our customers use Integration Cloud for today:

  • Synchronizing customer data from different ERP systems to SuperOffice CRM Online
  • Register bookings from online booking system instantly as appointments in the SuperOffice calendar
  • Import ERP order information to SuperOffice for Pipeline management
  • Import Website newsletter registrations from your website directly to SuperOffice (could include person interests and putting customers into a selection)
  • The website of a real estate agent automatically synchronizes the house listing and details to SuperOffice CRM Online, adding them as Projects.

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